Sunday, June 30, 2013

I BUY LOCAL for Oxfam's #GROWChallenge

Buying locally grown food produced by our small-scale farmers and fishers helps address poverty and brings back jobs, especially in the rural areas.  Asking about where our food comes from and how food is made is a start in helping food producers adopt practices that do not harm the environment. Supporting fair trade and weekend markets helps keep small-scale farmers, fishers and local businesses in business.
 - Oxfam  Philippines

My beauty principle is simple: It has to be sustainable.

And this means that the products I patronize:

  • fit my budget;
  • can be easily found in the usual beauty shops, drug stores, and convenience stores - especially when there's a sudden sleepover or out of town trip;
  • are made of natural products (as much as possible); and
  • are produced locally!
Let's support Oxfam! Let's take the #GROWChallenge

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