Saturday, May 3, 2014

Health Benefits of Grapes

Red grape shake at Franco's Power Plant Mall
Grape fruit shakes make perfect summer drinks. They're sweet, they're cool, and most of all, they're healthy!

I made a quick web research on the potential health benefits of my favorite drink and I'd like to share them with you through Green and Well.

What's in a grape?

Flavonoids – Flavonoids are chemical substances that are found in plants. Potentially, they are good anti-oxidants, which can help prevent heart disease by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, relaxing blood levels, and reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. (Source: WebMD)

Resveratrol – Resveratrol is a phytoalexin, a natural antibiotic that is produced by plants, including vines. This substance is abundant on the skin of red grapes. Studies show the potential anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and blood sugar-lowering characteristics of resveratrol. (Source: French Scout)

Why should I make grapes a part of my regular diet?

Some immediate benefits of consuming grapes include instant hydration due to their high water content. Grape juice is also a popular home remedy for migraines and constipationI guarantee this! 

On a long-term basis, regular consumption of grapes can help
  1. protect the heart
  2. lose weight
  3. improve brain function 
  4. prevent the formation of plaque that may damage the brain (associated with Alzheimer's disease)
  5. protect the skin from cancer
  6. protect the body from radiation
  7. support diabetic cases
  8. relieve inflammation
  9. encourage muscle recovery
  10. affect longevity
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How much grapes should I consume to attain optimal health benefits?

Medical News Today recommends an average serving size of one cup or an equivalent of 32 pieces of grape. It provides the following nutritional content per serving:
A selection of grapes One cup of red or green grapes contains 104 calories, 1.09 grams of protein, 0.24 grams of fat, 1.4 grams of fiber, 4.8 milligrams of vitamin C, 10 micrograms of vitamin A, 288 milligrams of potassium, 0.54 milligrams of iron and 3 micrograms of folate.
In what ways can I serve grapes to my family?

Grapes can be consumed as snacks, fruit shakes or as ingredients in salads and fruit cocktails. For children, consider freezing grapes or making delicious slush drinks that are perfect for warm weathers!


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