Friday, July 31, 2015

FLOW Mystery Tour

Pretty Artwork at L!FE Yoga Center

Joining the FLOW's first Mystery Tour was a plan made on the spur of the moment. I wanted to do something different on a free Saturday that capped a 9-day novena, seeking "to begin a new life that will last forever." I wanted to be surprised.

Surprising the Spirit

The tour kicked off with a yoga class at the newly-opened L!FE Yoga Center at Eight Forbestown Road in BGC. Our tour guide and yoga teacher, Monica, glowed and radiated positivity. Her voice was calming and encouraging; she helped me find my core as I have not practiced yoga in the past few months. (I miss yoga!)

After doing a few poses, Monica taught our group a relaxing massage technique that we practiced on a partner. It was a good opportunity to pass on good intentions, unconditionally, to another person and receive the same in return. We concluded the session with a short ritual, forming a mandala, which represented our connectedness and collective ability to bless each other. Mandala, by the way, was the theme of the day's tour.

Surprising the Body

Healthy with a Kick!
Xavier has natural and organic pines, apple, banana,
ginger, and other greens

The Vegetarian Kitchen's Korean Bibimbap

After that quieting activity, we went on to a 3-stop organic food trip across the metropolis. From BGC, we headed to Kapitolyo in Pasig where we got our free Rawlicious smoothies, which had all that natural and organic goodness in a bottle.

After Rawlicious, we went to the Forest Food Fair at the Quezon City Circle where we had our "working" lunch. Our meals were prepared by one of the longest-running vegetarian restaurants in town, The Vegetarian Kitchen (est. 1990), and desserts were from Raw Yogini Sonia. I had a beautifully-presented and equally delish veggie Korean bibimbap and some yummy chocolate pudding that rolled and melted smoothly in my mouth.

Surprising the Mind

As we were having lunch, Monica asked us to draw our own mandalas. I am not an artist but I just drew what my mind told me to, choosing colors that resonated at the moment. (Monica did not ask us to interpret our work... I'm glad!)

Our take-home organic veggie bouquet
from Holy Carabao
The tour was an experience of the mind not only as we let our unconscious out into paper through our mandalas, but also because of the conversations that I had with the other ladies in our trip. Monica facilitated conversations that allowed me to discover others and re-discover myself. As there were several mothers in the tour, I learned much about natural birthing and mindful motherhood. How I wished that I had this knowledge when I had Krissy 10 years ago... and how I wished to have another child.

Our final stop was at the Holy Carabao Farmers' Market near Rockwell where we were entertained by Hindy Weber who introduced us to biodynamic farming. Considered a notch up from organic farming, the biodynamic method of farming integrates spiritual, ethical and ecological approaches to agriculture and food production.

I guess I would have to take my journey and advocacy for a healthy lifestyle up to a whole new level after the FLOW Mystery Tour.

Glowing Ladies at the FLOW
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